Welcome to Himalayan Nirvana Trekking Pvt. ltd.

Welcome to the enchanting land of Himalayas, Nirvana of trekker and Mountaineer, land of living gods and Goddess of Buddha mythology, Birthplace of Lord Buddha In nepal and 80% mongolian multi-ethnic-cultured living museum of south Asia, Nepal. Nepal attracts millions of nature loving and pilgrims tourist every year. Since ancient time, Nepal was the centre point for the Tibetan trader to Indian pilgrims. Each year, Nepal welcomes millions of devotees and believers of lord Buddha and of Buddha Mythology in nepal Lumbini and also receives flocks of Tibetan monks and Nuns from Tibet autonomous regions of China, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and Myanmar for their pilgrimage tour to Lumbini the Birthplace of Lord Buddha in Nepal.

Since the Nepal has opened its frontier to the rest of the world in sixties, Tourists from European and American continent flocked to Nepal to experience the last Shangri la on Earth as well as to explore the forbidden kingdom, mighty Himalayas, green and scenic mountains, gorgeous rivers, Natural parks of fertile lowland of Terais with numerous rare wild animals, legendary brave Gurkha people and its mysterious Yeti man.

When the numbers of visitors augmented each year, many Nepalese involved in hospitality and welcoming business has established travel/tours companies to pilgrims visitors and Trekking companies for those mountain lover and high Himalayan expeditions.

HIMALAYAN NIRVANA TREKKING P. LTD is a private company registered with Reg. No.56122 and licensed with license no. 986/065 by Ministry of Tourism & Civil Aviation (MoTCA), Department of Tourism of Federal Democratic Republic Government of Nepal.

It is also affiliated and Active member of Nepal Mountaineering Association of Nepal (NMA) and Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN).

It renders reliable, trustworthy and specialized services in the fields of Alpinism, Adventure and Trekking /Tours business in Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet.


I, on behalf of my company and the entire team would like to welcome you with many greetings.

Thank you for reading us and hope to serve you soon in Nepal

Ang Dawa Sherpa

(President and Administrative Director)