Mainly focuses on the following three aspects. They are described below Education is the process of civilization in which teaching and learning comes side by side. It is the light of life. Without education our life would be in darkness. One cannot move in the right direction without the help of education. They cannot distinguish what is right and what is wrong. They cannot reach in their goals they want without education. The same problem is being faced by the young generations in village. They are deprived of getting education. The problem is there are only some schools in our Sherpa village. Some schools that are available are also not good and many children cannot reach to their school in time. The children have to walk 2 to 3 hrs to reach their school.

So, only few children go to the school. If we could build new school in the midst of the village where everyone can reach then it would be a great help for them and the children’s future. Many people from the Sherpa village are trying their best to develop their village but it has not become successful till now. If we people can organize social eco tourism in the villages then some amount can be given in the field of education for buying stationery materials, teachers and for new school buildings. If many tourists are interested in such activities then they can also give donations to the school management community or they can do volunteering activities in the village for improving the education sector in the village. So if people can increase the turnout of tourists in villages then its benefit will be to the villagers. The villagers will be benefitted and also educated. After getting education, the villagers can also do something good to develop their villages. The trek can help in the education sector by the following ways

How to Utilize 12% Funds ? Funds Are Utilized For This Project.

A) Education 12%Project.

1)    They can provide money for building new schools because in the Sherpa village the schools are very old and of old design.
2)    The Sherpa children are very poor and they cannot buy all the books so, people can also help by providing some books and guide to the children.
3)    Since there are less schools in the Sherpa village the number of educated people is also less. Tourists can also do volunteering programs in the Sherpa village school because there are fewer teachers. The few teachers are also not much educated
4)    They can also bring some stationery materials needed for the school and can be distributed to the village children