Kailash Parvat & Manasarovar Tirtha Yatra (A pilgrimage to Mt. Kailash & Manasarovar) - 17 days Mt. Kailash, 6700 meter peak, also referred as the Meru, Sumeru, Sushumna, Hemadri (golden mountain), Ratnasanu (jewel peak), Karnikachala (lotus mount), Amaradri, Deva Parvatha (summit of gods), Gana Parvatha, Rajatadri (silver mountain) in religious scriptures, is situated in the Western Tibet. The beauty of Mt. Kailash, which looks like a symmetrical cone shaped rock capped by pure crystalline ice all the time, is echoed in various mythological and literary works, this is the place where Lord Shiva and his divine consort Parvati live.

A three-day circumambulation (Parikrama or Kora) around Mt. Kailash, which is also considered as the navel of the earth, involves crossing 5630 meter Dolma La (pass) which is believed to belong to Devi Parvati. Completing a Kora (Parikrama) is believed to erase the sins of a lifetime.


Day 01 arrive kathmandu hotel
Day 02 in kathmandu hotel
Day 03 drive to nyalam guest house
Day 04 rest day in nyalam guest house
Day 05 drive to saga camp
Day 06 drive to barayang camp
Day 07 drive to mansarovar guest house /camp
Day 08 at manasarovar guest house /camp
Day 09 drive to darchen camp
Day 10 trek to dira-puk camp
Day 11 trek to zutul-puk camp
Day 12 trek to darchen drive to manasarovar guest house/camp
Day 13 drive to baryang camp
Day 14 drive to saga camp
Day 15 drive to nyalam guest house
Day 16 drive to kathmandu hotel
Day 17 depart kathmandu


Trek Facts

Grade: Soft Adventure Trek
Starts in: Kathmandu
Ends in: Kathmandu
Accommodation: Hotel, Lodge and camping
Transportation: 4WD Land cruiser with support truck
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner during the trek
Maximum altitude: 4790m

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