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Chittagong Hill Tracts: People and Nature - i i Photo Contest & Exhibition On the occasion of the 19th Founding Anniversary of the Ministry of Chittagong Hill Tracts Affairs a Photo Contest and Exhibition will be held from 15 July to 19 July, 2017 at Drik Gallery, Dhanmondi. The theme of the Exhibition is "Chittagong Hill Tracts : People and Nature - ii". Both amateur and professional photographers from hills and plains may participate. The event is being organised by the Ministry of Chittagong Hill Tracts Affairs in partnership with Bangladesh Adventure Club. Chittagong Hill Tracts is a region of green hills, blue sky and ethnic diversity located in the south eastern corner, covering an area of 13,295 km2, about 11% of the land area of Bangladesh, home to 11 different small ethnic communities viz, Chakma, Marma, Tripura, Mru, Tongchongya, Bawm, Lushai, Khumi, Kheyang, Pankho, Chak and also Bengali speaking mainstream people, numbering nearly 1.6 million. One fourth of the region is Reserve Forest, about 322,331 hectares or 8,21,207 acres. South Asia’s largest man-made lake, Kaptai Lake, is located here. The main rivers are Karnaphuli, Chengi, Maini, Sangu, Kachalong, Matamuhuri and Feni. The exhibition will be launched at Drik Gallery from July 15-19, 2017 #Subject: • Natural beauty of Chittagong Hill Tracts • Food of Chittagong Hill Tracts • Culture of Chittagong Hill Tracts • Fashion of Chittagong Hill Tracts • Agriculture of Chittagong Hill Tracts • Education of Chittagong Hill Tracts • Communication of Chittagong Hill Tracts • Adventure Tourism & Recreation of Chittagong Hill Tracts • Biodiversity of Chittagong Hill Tracts • Climate Change of Chittagong Hill Tracts • Conservation of Chittagong Hill Tracts • etc #Submission_Guidelines_and_deadline_for_primary_selection: The submission must be original. Digitally manipulated photos are not allowed, Minimal adjustments (e.g. color correction, cropping, dodging, burning, brightness, contrast etc.) are only allowed. Photographers should submit digital files (color or B/W) for primary selection. Files resulation should be atlist 3000x2000 pixels. Digital files should be submitted by email. The maximum number of photographs should be 10 per Participants Your Full Name_Mobile Phone Number_Title/Caption of the Photo_ Photo Number (max. 50 Words) #Example : Rifat Hasan_017XXXXXX_Joy of Learning_01, Rifat Hasan_017XXXXXX_Happiness_02 . The exhibition committee reserves the right to reject any submission. #Email_Address_for_Submission: #Submission_Deadline: Submission deadline by June 20, 2017 For more information contact Exhibition Coordinator, #BAC, Flat # 9C, Level # 10, Home Town Apartments, 87 New Eskaton Road, Bangla Motor, Dhaka-1000, phone-9335576, email: Submission deadline for primary selection by June 20, 2017. 5:00pm. After the selection process we will publish a full name list and we will inform selected photographers for singing our exhibition concern letter. #Use_of_Images: All entrants should understand that images selected for the exhibition may be used by the organizer in electronic and print publications for promotional purposes of the event, The photographer will be given due credit in such usages. The organisers assume the right or reproduction (free of charge) in any media related to the promotion of exhibition and catalogue of selected prints submitted by photographers. #Photo_Competition_and_Exhibition_Organizers: The Ministry of Chittagong Hill Tracts Affairs and Bangladesh Adventure Club with other stakeholders will jointly organize Chittagong Hill Tracts: People and Nature Photo Contest & Exhibition The Ministry of Chittagong Hill Tracts Affairs was formed on 15 July, 1998 as the direct outcome of the Peace Accord. Among the Ministries/ Divisions of Government of Bangladesh it is the only Ministry which is territorial in nature. The principal mandate of this Ministry is to oversee and coordinate all administrative and development programs in three hill districts. Bangladesh Adventure Club regarded as leading adventure sports event management org, organizes off/on road adventure sporting events across Bangladesh .

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