The people in the rural areas have no idea about conserving the natural resources available in the environment. Since the villagers have no education about natural resources, they go on destroying the forest which is the habitat for number of birds and animals. The destruction of forest leads to many natural disasters like soil erosion, floods, landslide etc. Because of these disasters there will be the change in climate. So to stop climatic change and lead a suitable life, people in the villages must be aware about the natural resources available in the environment. For raising awareness this eco tourism is a good one. Foreigners can do volunteer programs to conduct mass-meeting, seminars, demonstration programmes for protecting the natural resources available in the environment. They also can conduct programmes for the cleanliness of the surroundings environment where they live. They also give the knowledge that environment is slow but sure killer disease to human beings so their protection and conservation is required because prevention is better than cure. Social eco tourism can play a great role for protecting and conserving the natural resources that are available in the environment from degrading. People can help in the following ways to protect the environment.

How to Utilize 5% Funds ? Funds Are Utilized For This Project.
C) Environment 5%Project.
1.    They can plant trees in the barren lands. When they plant trees in the barren lands then there will be less possibility of natural calamities like floods, landslides, soil erosion etc.
2.    They can hold mass-meetings and demonstrate about protecting the environment from degrading.
3.    They can also make programs to clean the surrounding environment around the village.
4.    They can help to include an environment subject in the course.
5.    People can also plant different herbal medicine plants in the village. Then they can sell the herbal medicine plants in their own
village or in the town which helps the village people to improve their economic conditions.

If social eco tourism can be improved or extended then it plays a great role in improving people’s lives in the villages. It helps the remote villages for improving the education, health and environment of people living there. We can promote social eco tourism in many places then the benefit is obtained by the villagers. So, it is very necessary to increase the tourist for raising hands to help the people in remote villages. If we can extend social eco tourism then it benefits to both the tourists as well as the people in local villages. The development of a village is possible only by such active works but the government cannot do anything. If the people want to develop their village then they should be in hand to hand to promote social eco tourism and develop their villages.