Everybody knows the saying “Healthy is wealth.” If we have good health then we can do many good works to benefit the nation but if we have bad health then we are like a thorn in the rose who has no functions at all. The health condition of people in rural areas is worsening day by day. In our country the educated doctors don’t want to move to remote areas. There are only some nurses and only heath posts but not big hospital in the Sherpa village. The health posts also lack medicines and other useful instruments needed for health check up due to economic conditions. If we can improve this social eco tourism then we can organize treks and tours with the aim of helping people to improve their health .We can gather the people from medical group in the trek and The benefit obtained from this trek are given to the people in rural areas for improving their health or to establish a good health posts. It also gives emphasis for buying medicines which are lacking in the health posts. This eco tourism also plays vital role to give training to the medical practitioners about how to use the medicines, how to treat an ill people and many more useful trainings. So this Social eco tourism plays a great role for improving the health conditions of people in remote areas. The help that can be done in the health sector are given below

How to Utilize 8% Funds ? Funds Are Utilized For This Project.

B) Health 8%Project.

1)    They can give money to buy the medicine and the instruments needed for the health check up.
2)    They can also do volunteering help to the medical practitioners in the village because in the Sherpa village the medical practitioners are not much trained.
3)    People can also suggest ways to stay healthy. For e.g. to do exercises, morning walk, eating nutritious fruits and foods etc.
4)    Health subject should be included in the course in the villages. People can also help in this case.
5)    They can also establish vaccination and immunization programs in the village for different diseases.